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CUP 0014
"Hits Below the Rust Belt" is a sampler featuring every artist available on Coffee-Hut Records (as of December 2005), and some who we haven't put out yet. The big idea is to try to spread it far and wide and reach as many potential listeners and fans as we can with our limited, DIY-record-label means. "Hits Below the Rust Belt" is available from Coffee-Hut Records for $1 in the US and $4 Worldwide, or free with any order from Coffee-Hut Records. View our catalog to see what else we have in store.

For a limited time, each copy of "Hits Below the Rust Belt" will come with a hand crayon-colored cover by K. from Iron Oxide/The Dexalone Cowboy. After that, they'll come with covers on obnoxiously bright paper.

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The Artists
All tracks are copyright 2005 by the respective artists, unless they aren't.

Bad Crabs
Mid 1980's underground Kent, Ohio caveman-stomp-rock.
Track: "Here Comes the Dog"
Jeff Curtis on bass & vocals, Craig Martin and Mark Twistie on guitars, Karen Wardrop on Bontempi organ, and Mark Keffer on drums. Recorded by Bill Weita of Fuzzhead in a hazy humid 198_ Kent basement. From a forthcoming Coffee-Hut Records release.

Jeff Curtis
This guy who's played bass, in, like, nine thousand bands. Geez o man!
Tracks: "The Drums the Constant Pounding" and "Matchless"
"The Drums the Constant Pounding" is from "Something's in My Hand," Coffee-Hut Records Release CUP013. "Matchless" is from the upcoming Coffee-Hut Records release "Dull Throb," and features Jeff Curtis on bass, Wyatt Howland on guitar, and K. Stewart lighting matches. Point and laugh at Jeff here.

Dead Peasant Insurance
Aggression, noise, guitars.
Tracks: "Dead Peasant Insurance" and "Live at ECC 5/15/05"
Dead Peasant Insurance is Amanda Howland (guitar, vocals, violin), Brian Detrow (drums), Ryan Kuehn (guitar, feedback), and Wyatt Howland (guitar, tape). "Dead Peasant Insurance" written by Amanda Howland, recorded by Wyatt Howland, mixed by Ryan Kuehn. "Live at ECC 5/15/05" recorded by Ryan Kuehn, mixed by Wyatt Howland. Visit Dead Peasant Insurance on the web. From SKSKC013.

The Dexalone Cowboy
Good ol' fashioned cough-medicine-inspired noise fuckery.
Tracks: "Oil of Vitrol" and "Why I Can't Have Nice Things"
The Dexalone Cowboy walks alone. Visit The Dexalone Cowboy on the web.

Fall Before the Almighty Tarrasque. . .
This Connecticut-based collaboration seems to say, "welcome to the wonderful world of sludge."
Track: "Ohio (Closed Bridges and Rain)"
Fall Before the Almighty Tarrasque is Kyle Tremblay and a lot of other people. Visit them on the web for more info.

Iron Oxide
Rustafarian steel-mill huggers from Cleveland. Dirty psychedelic industrial garage rock, Luddite-style.
Tracks: "Sitdown/Strike," "Watch," and "Empty Quarter."
Iron Oxide is Jeff Curtis (bass) and K. Stewart (Farfisa, vocals). From their live WRUW performance, on September 29, 2005. Only available elsewhere if you're nice. Check out their website.

Minimalist post-punk from "back in the day."
Tracks: "Too Much Shit," and "Mailbomb"
From "Live from Kent, Ohio, 1983." Coffee-Hut Records release CUP 002.

Nicholas Megalis
Piano blues from the (Cuyahoga) Delta.
Tracks: "We Left Them With You" and "Camps of Kerenity"
Visit the MySpace.

Skin Graft
Tracks: "Dirge" and "Fist Song."
"Dirge" is Wyatt Howland on tape, recorded live by Ryan Kuehn on his show "Record Exchange" on 7/30/05. "Fist Song" is Wyatt Howland on tape and drum machine, with samples from the movie "Cyclo" used without permission. Recorded by Wyatt Howland. From SKSKC013. SKSK/Skin Graft website.

Thursday Club
If you like effects pedals, and getting caught in the rain. . .
Tracks: "Jane Campbell" and "Awesome Song"
Onward with the online.

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