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"It's hard for me to come up with anything clever to say about 404_Error, but I do have some anecdotes. The first time I met this toothsome twosome in the flesh was at my very first art opening (yeah, I'm fancy, bite my ass). I didn't know who they were for a while and they were playing pool and one of them asked me to explain my paintings and I got really nervous and confused and probably hid in the bathroom and cried. Anyway, I think somehow I realized who they were. Later, Jeff and I were sitting at the DJing table trying to annoy people by aurally spewing our usual diet of Ethiopian funk and Men's Recovery Project about the place. Orange and Ducky sat at a table in front of us and played with some neon pink Play-Doh for probably about half an hour. Both of them were laughing hysterically at each other. It was disorienting, yet charming."

"The first time I saw 404_Error play was on the 4th of July. Or maybe it was the 3rd of July. It was around that one holiday where we blow shit up because we're Americans. Anyway, they were playing some "fest" that had gotten moved to Edison's in Tremont at the last minute. We thought they were supposed to play at 3. The place didn't open until 5. So we sat around outside Edison's on a hot day in the sun waiting. There is an ice cream place across the street called "Scoops." Orange kept going "Scoooooooooops!" in a really funny voice. I guess you had to be there."

"You should probably buy this. It's a dollar." - Kat

*** Flickerman $1 US//$3 Worldwide

*** Malicious Code $1 US//$3 Worldwide

Dead Peasant Insurance
Teeth-grinding no-wave noise-rock from Cleveland, Ohio. Arch-defenders of the legacy of Throbbing Gristle, Glenn Branca, early Swans.

*** Resolution $1 US//$4 Worldwide [or free with any order upon request]

DJ Homefry K

Kat from Iron Oxide gets way too into Sir Mix-A-Lot and records a rap single about all that hot indie boy tail, and the world says, "huh?" Handmade packaging.

*** Inspect the Record Collection $4 US//$7 Worldwide

The Dexalone Cowboy
Broken consumer electronica by a anonymous dextromethorphan fiend with polka meltdowns, excessive sampling of obscure post-punk bands, cordless drills, and the "effects pedal of the month club" membership.

CUP019: Digitalis $5 US//$8 Worldwide.

CUP018: Marked + Empty $3 US//$6 Worldwide.

CUP008: Garden Variety $3 US//$7 Worldwide.

CUP005: Battling Porcelain Gods $5 US//$8 Worldwide

CUP004: Blame it on the Bossa Nova $5 US//$8 Worldwide

The Coffee-Hut Records crew discovered this compatriot in Cleveland-style noise psychosis, Ema, while out for a li'l walk on the world wide web. If you're one of those people who invents new genres by adding "-core" to another word, you would probably call this "chaoscore."

*** In Effort to Decieve $1 US//$4 Worldwide [or free with any order upon request]

Fall Before the Almighty Tarrasque. . .
Minimalist, atmospheric noise with epic, down-tuned guitar drones. Everything ambient music should be, but isn't.

*** Demo $1 US//$4 Worldwide [or free with any order upon request]

Hits Below the Rust Belt: A Coffee-Hut Records Sampler
This sampler contains tracks by every artist who has appeared on Coffee-Hut Records (as of December 2005), as well as a good quantity of otherwise unreleased material. To better combat a world full of bad music, we're making it available as cheaply as possible, $1 in the US or free with any order. Check out the URL below for a complete track listing and more information.

Hits Below the Rust Belt:
CUP014: A Coffee-Hut Records Sampler: $1 US//$4 Worldwide [or free with any order upon request]

Iron Oxide + Fall Before the Almighty Tarrasque. . .

Cleveland's Iron Oxide and Connecticut's Fall Before the Almighty Tarrasque. . . combine their bleak world views and crazy sounds via 4-track and the US Postal Service.

I//O + FBtAT:
CUP012: Iron Oxide + Fall Before the Almighty Tarrasque. . . $3 US//$7 Worldwide.

Iron Oxide
Post-apocalyptic, bass-driven, no-fi, relentless rustcore. Except the first album, which has songs about pie and jackalopes. Uh. . . "Bass Response" is available in a limited edition of 100 with red cover art and coffee-colored vinyl, and a not-so-limited boring black and white version. Check out a review at The One True Dead Angel.

CUP016: Iron Oxide: Ohio/Periodic Table 2CD + Bonus Disc $12 US//$16 Worldwide.

CUP009_R: Iron Oxide: Bass Response EP (Red) $5 US//$10 Worldwide.

CUP009: Bass Response EP (Boring Version) $3 US//$7 Worldwide.

CUP006: Flash Gordon Serialism

$3 US//$7 Worldwide.

CUP007 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (Remix of "Flash Gordon Serialism") $3 US//$7 Worldwide

CUP003 Rust Mecca/The Sick and Wounded (released as "Black Cabbage") $2US//$6 Worldwide

CUP001 Proto Neo Post Wave Rock Core (released as "Black Cabbage") $5 US//$8 Worldwide

Early post-punk from Kent, Ohio, circa 1982 with a minimalist, drum-bass-n-vox lineup. Possibly the only band in history who were mistaken for Amish at the mall. Legendary in an parallel dimension with no guitars, where people have much better taste in music.

Download "Live From Kent, Ohio" Free Here:

1. Birthday
2. Too Much Shit
3. Useless
4. Loser City
5. Thank You Falettin Me Be Mice Elf Again
6. Hospital
7. Mailbomb
8. Don't Give Up
9. The Big Guns
10. Anarchy Song
11. Briar Rabbit
12. I'm Not Hip
13. Transmission
14. Goin' To War Tomorrow
15. Never Grew Up At All
16. Luv Is A Monster
17. That City
18. The Mole
19. New York, New York
20. Mainstream

CUP002 Live From Kent, Ohio $3 US//$6 Worldwide

Jeff Curtis
The co-founder of Coffee-Hut Records and male member of Iron Oxide steps out on his own with his wild bass stylings.

CUP013: Jeff Curtis: Something's In My Hand: $3 US//$7 Worldwide.

CUP015: Jeff Curtis: Dull Throb: $3 US//$7 Worldwide.

CUP 010: Loops and Bass: $3 US//$7 Worldwide.


Found industrial/factory sounds from the Cleveland area. There used to be a website with the tracks on it. But now there isn't.

CUP 011: Vol. 1: August 11-August 29, 2005 (CUP 011) $5 US//$9 Worldwide.

Skin Graft/W. Howland
Be warned: these tapes from W. Howland of DPI will negatively affect your ability to operate motor vehicles and heavy machinery. Once we were listening to the "Hell" tape while driving and almost ended up giving the occupants of the car in front of us whiplash. Both unsettling soundtracks from the collapse of civilization are only available in audio cassette form, all the better to piss off digital recording assholes with.

*** W. Howland: Hell: $2 US//$6 Worldwide.

*** Skin Graft: Religion is Placebo: $2 US//$6 Worldwide.

Thursday Club
I think the kids call this "power electronics". A whole lotta effects pedals and a little bit of love.

*** Part 68 $1 US//$4 Worldwide [or free with any order upon request]

Things That Aren't CDs or Tapes

No Cleveland T-Shirts

Some of the bands on this label used to do this monthly noise/no-wave/whatchamacalit night we called "NO CLEVELAND." But we forgot to give the right hipsters and club owners rimjobs, and we didn't go to high school with any of them either, so then we all just went home. But there were t-shirts! Custom hand-silkscreened t-shirts. Each shirt is slighty different due to decay of the silkscreen. White on black only. Be sure to specify size. Available to ship immediately in large and extra-large. Small and medium sizes available, but there will be a delay while we buy a shirt and screen it. $8 US//$14 Worldwide.

Iron Oxide Shirts

All Iron Oxide shirts are hand-stenciled to order with shiny silver and rusty rust colored fabric paints. This means every shirt is uniquely and aesthetically crunked-up just for you. Available in sizes S-XL -- please specify your size when ordering. There will be a slight delay when ordering these shirts as they are made to order. $8 US//$14 Worldwide.


The following stickers are available for 50 cents each:
Iron Oxide: Iron Oxide stencil logo, spraypainted in some combination of silver and/or rust and/or black.
Black Cabbage: Skull and Cross-Basses Logo
Rust and Brique: Old Logo in Black and White OR Seal of Approval on Foil Sticker
Dead Peasant Insurance: Stencil in Assorted Colors

Sticker Type


The following pins are available for 50 cents each. Kat also makes custom bulk pins -- click here for more info on that.
No Cleveland: Logo on White or Black
Black Cabbage: Skull and Cross-Basses Logo
Iron Oxide: Logo or Chemical Symbol
Dead Peasant Insurance: "DPI" with circular saws

Pin Type


All zines are $1 alone for shipping, or free upon request with any order.

The Sweet Ride

A zine by Randy Russell, who some have called "The Greatest Living American Writer," while they were completely sober.
Available: #17, #18, #19, #20.

Issue No.

Cool Noise Dadabomb Weekly

"The free zine of free sound, free thought, dyspepsia, tinnitus, and other things having no rational or orderly relationship to human life", by Jeff Curtis.
Available: Issue #1 -- July 2004

Rust and Brique

Kat's industrial decay themed zine. Photography, comics, music reviews, and various writing. The shiny new online incarnation is
Available: Issue #11


The Information I Said Would Be At the Bottom of the Page

Coffee-Hut Records was started in 2003 by Jeff and Kat from Iron Oxide so they could fling the loud fancy music of themselves (as well as that of purveyors of loud fanciness) all over the goddamn Internet.

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